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Over 122 years of serving the people of God in Coney Island Our Parish Hymn: "Our Lady of Solace”

“Our Lady of Solace” was written and composed on December 6th, 2003 by music director Robert Weigel for our parish. Inspired by the beautiful shrine statue and a patchwork tapestry of Our Lady’s image that had hung behind the main altar during Ordinary Time, it offers a fervent prayer for the poor, lonely and needy in our world today. Its second stanza offers a prayer for our parish, its needs, and what it can bring to all in its ministry.

Introduced to our parish on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8th, 2003, “Our Lady of Solace” has become a regular part of our sacred music repertoire and is often sung during the month of May and all Marian feasts to honor and petition the Blessed Mother under one of her most beautiful and moving title and throughout Ordinary Time, as well.

In 2005, “Our Lady of Solace” was translated into Spanish under the title “Nuestra Señora de Consuelo” by Erick Martinez, thus providing our Spanish-speaking parishioners the opportunity to share the prayer and hymn in the language of their original native lands.

Our Lady of Solace,

O Mother of Comfort,

We come before you

To seek out your love.

You knew the sufferings

Of loss and of sorrow

At the Cross of the Savior,

Lord Jesus, your Son.

Our Lady of Solace,

Please bring bread to the hungry;

Comfort the needy,

The lonely and scorned.

Come, shine the light of love unto them;

May they know your maternal aid,

Our Lady of Solace,

O Mary, our Mother!

Our Lady of Solace,

Patroness of our parish,

Guide us, your children,

On the path of our lives.

Guide all to Jesus

And, through Him, the Father,

With the flame of the Spirit

Burning bright in our hearts.

O Mother of Mercy,

Grant this parish your blessings;

May it prosper and flourish,

May it grow in God’s grace,

Granting your love,

Granting your peace

To all from greatest to the least,

Sweet Lady of Solace,

O Mary, our Mother!

Copyright © 2003 Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace

Our Lady of Solace

by Robert Weigel

Madre de Consuelo,

 O Madre de Dios,

 venimos a tí  

  a buscar tu amor,

 Sabes el dolor

  de muerte y pesares

 en la cruz del Señor,

   tu hijo Jesus.

 Madre de Consuelo,

 trae pan a los hambrientos.

 Consuela a todos,

  el que busca a Jesús.

¡Enséña nos tu luz y amor;

      danos tu paz y bendición,

 Madre de Consuelo;

  Maria mi madre!

Madre de Consuelo,

 Patrona, de esta iglesia,

 guíanos tus hijos,

  a Camino de Dios.

 Guíamos todos

  a Cristo tu hijo,

 con el Santo Espiritu

 queman do en nuestro ser.

 O Madre de Piedad,

 danos hoy tu amor.

 Que cresca y prospere;

  en la Gracia de Dios.

 Danos tu amor,

 Danos tu paz

 del mas pequeño al grande ser,

 Madre de Consuelo;

 ¡Maria mi madre!

Nuestra Señora de Consuelo

Music by Robert Weigel

Spanish Translation by Erick Martinez

Music: Copyright © 2003 Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace

Translation: Copyright © 2005 Erick Martinez