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Annual Catholic Appeal 2020: We Are the Church, TOGETHER

Annual Catholic Appeal 2020 Video

For generations, the faithful community of the Diocese of Brooklyn through its bishops, clergy and religious have brought the Lord’s charity and love to the aged, infirmed and disadvantaged. Together we continue to be the Church in Brooklyn and Queens as we work in schools, hospitals and provide social services; we build up our parishes and communities; we live our faith through the actions of our good works.

The Annual Catholic Appeal provides us with an opportunity to continue our mission as Catholics to spread God’s love and compassion throughout Brooklyn and Queens. Each year the faithful are encouraged to be a beacon of hope to those less fortunate by taking a leadership role in giving to the Annual Catholic Appeal and setting an example of Christian Stewardship for others to follow. Much has been given to us and we give thanks by showing a sincere concern for the mission and work of the Diocese, understanding that we are the Church when we work and pray together.

By giving back in charity through the Annual Catholic Appeal, we join together as good stewards in our journey to help make God’s Kingdom come. Know that your support of the Annual Catholic Appeal provides for all the ministerial efforts being undertaken in Brooklyn and Queens. Your commitment to join together in faith and to share your gifts in service to all is inspiring.

To those who have supported the Annual Catholic Appeal in the past, a very gracious thank you from those whom you have helped and from those whose lives you have changed. Understanding that We Are The Church, Together, we are grateful for your partnership in the Lord’s work and invite you to answer the call with your neighbors again this year in the mission Christ has given every one of us… that everything we have is a gift from God that should be used to help others.


  31% -  Vocations Support

 23% -  Faith Formation and

              Pastoral Life

  14% -  Chaplaincies

  10% -  Catholic Charities

  10% -  Retired Priests

    7% -  Catholic Migration Services

    3% -  Tuition Assistance for

               Catholic Education

    2% -  Catholic Youth Ministry

How Annual Catholic Appeal Funds Are Distributed:

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Annual Catholic Appeal 2020